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Lou started her Dance and Teaching Career in the early 1970’s in Los Angeles, Calif. In 1983, she relocated to New York where she continues to teach and educate people on the importance of Pilates, Health, Nutrition, Balance, Good Posture and how to live well. Her creative, energetic and caring approach to teaching Pilates has made her one of the best in her field. Her outstanding reputation has earned her a huge following throughout the Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill.

Lou had a serious fall down a flight of stairs in 1995 which changed her life and Luckily directed her to the Pilates Method. After being diagnosed with herniated disks in the lumbar spine and degenerative neck disease she turned to this miraculous system for help. This devastating time, ended up being the turning point of her career. It was the first time since the injury that she felt that she was on the road to recovery. “Not only did I get better, but I was better than ever!” Just a few minutes of the Pilates a day keeps her pain free and feeling wonderful. “I am and breath Pilates”

Lou opened her personal training studio, Body In Balance™ in 1997 where she teaches and continues to see the amazing results of  The Pilates Method. Pilates has turned my life and career into a more rewarding experience than I could have ever imagined…I truly believe that whether you’re a top athlete. first-time exerciser or someone who has injuries…Pilates taught by Lou in her Brooklyn Studio “Body in Balance™” will change your life!

LouLou is certified by the Physical Mind Institute through Kelly Kane, of Kane School of Core Integration.
Deborah Lessen of the Green Street Studio in Soho NYC,  has lent considerably to her growth and knowledge to become the highly effective Pilates Teacher she is today. Deborah Lessen is an acknowledged leader in the Pilates field. A former professional dancer and teacher, she was trained to teach the Pilates method by Joseph Pilates’ first protégé, Carola Trier.

Pilates exercises were developed to stretch, strengthen and align the body, The exercises are challenging for men and women alike, but when you put yourself in Lou’s skilled hands, you’ll successfully work toward your goal with a tailored program, using a diversity of Pilates machines and floor work. She’ll also show you how to work out in the privacy of your home. Since Pilates exercises only require a few repetitions each, it only takes minutes a day to make it happen.

There are many Pilates teachers today with varying philosophies, which can confuse you at first. Do some research and make sure you train with a knowledgeable experienced teacher that will accommodate and care about your needs.

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Lou teaches private and semi-private , one hour sessions at…The Body in Balance Studio™ in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn… Call for an appointment..

Private Sessions are one hour long and they are geared to work on your specific needs. Going at your own pace, gaining an increased understanding of your body and how the method work. All programs are specially customized so that any injuries or preexisting conditions are addressed and corrected with Lou’s special attention to detail.

All fitness levels are welcome

Semi-Private Sessions are one hour long and are offered for two people at one time. It’s best if you have similar goals and strengths. A few private sessions are suggested, before joining a semi private session.

It’s suggested that you have at least one year experience in Pilates Training on all the Joseph Pilates Equipment. The Pilates Reformer, The Pilates Cadillac, The Pilates Wunda Chair, and The Pilates High Barrel, before you can go into a semi private session. The Pilates mat work and the reformer can be taught in a semi private session right away, so grab a friend and give me a call. Schedule your first appointment now and start feeling and looking great.


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