Pilates Ribcage Stretching

More Ribs 1

Pilates flexible balance and strength

Hanging Monkey 1

Pilates Teaser Workout

Teaser Extension 1

Lou Pilates/Big Stretch

Big Stretch 1

Pilates Wunda Chair/Core Strength

Arabeque on the Chair

Lou Stretching in Brooklyn Studio

Lou Hanging 1

Flexible Pilates Body

Back Stretch 1

Pilates balance split

Cadillac Split 1

Pilates health and well being


Core, Strength and Flexibility


Erica working In the Body In Balance Studio in Brooklyn . She is working on deepening  her core abdominal muscles, her flexibility and upper back Strength using the Wunda Chair. This seated cat series teaches you to scoop back the transverse stomach muscles which flattens your lower belly. The arms when kept straight encourages the back muscles to work. (Go to our Hand/Scapula article to understand the relationship.)

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