Sunset Pilates DVD Demonstration

What’s New In Brooklyn and Pilates

Lou will be teaching her amazing “Sunset Pilates” mat class at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6 . The class will be held every Wednesday night @ 7pm from June 27th-August 29, 2016 . This year we are on the grass at Pier 6, past the volley ball courts at the water’s edge. It’s Amazing and the class is FREE!

Lou and Dakota teaching her Sunset Pilates class at Pier 5...Brooklyn Bridge Park

Lou and Dakota teaching her Sunset Pilates class at                            Brooklyn Bridge Park

Lou is one of the best in her field, and has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years. She is enthusiastic and energetic and these traits become very contagious to her students. She teaches her students how to preform Pilates exercises properly and safely.  

The class is an Intermediate/Advanced level
done to upbeat music. Each Pilates movement, smoothly flows into each other to create a balanced, dynamic workout.
She emphasis’s stretching, good posture, upper body strength and serious core strength. She is very effective in her communication skills to ensure each person in class understands her directions. Lou is a teacher who is a stickler for accuracy, so get ready for her corrections…:)

Send any inquiries to or  the Brooklyn Bridge website

Sunset over the water a Brooklyn Bridge Park

You will need to bring a good dense mat, and a dynaband. You can purchase a dynaband from Lou for $10.00 a piece. Lou will also be selling her 70  minute Sunset Pilates DVD at the park, now on sale for $20.00. Please contact me if you’d like to purchase either one.

All information about the class will be listed on the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s website. If you need more information contact  me by email.

Please click on the address below, download and fill out the waiver and bring it to class.


Sunset Pilates

Sunset Pilates class on the Tribute to 9/11


Daylight Savings Time

When told the reason  for the daylight saving time the Old Indian said, “Only the Government would believe that you could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it to the bottom, and have a longer blanket.”

Schedule for Pilates @Body in Balance Studio: Private or Semi Private Sessions: Monday-Thursday from 8am-1pm and 5pm-9pm...By appointment only…Contact Lou today

Lou is Pilates

IMG_0652_2Lou executing the Pilates Side Twist on the Wunda Chair in her Brooklyn Studio. Notice the rib cage extention and how the energy stretches through her entire body creating the long lines and body control.

The Pilates Method gives you the opportunity to experience graceful, fluid movements with power and strength that you’ve always admired in dancers and athletes. Now you too, can have that grace and control.

Pilates is a wonderful solution to all your bad postural habits. It encourages both muscle development and flexibility in each exercise.

Your body is more likely to get injuries when you have  poor posture. Pilates is the Answer.

The Hand-Scapula Relationship

Upward RotationThe scapular-humeral rhythm affects the entire arm down to the hand. When the arms picks up an object, the scapula acts like a crane or lever on the back to move the arm in space.

The upward and downward positions of the scapula can be confusing movements  to visualize. They refer to the placement of the shoulder blade on the ribs in movement.

Upward rotation of the scapula refers to the healthy movement of the scapula following the lift of the arm.  When done correctly, the scapula glides down the back, widens and shapes the ribcage. The tip of the scapula  should follow the direction of the hand as it moves up in space. The inferior border of the scapula (the lower  tip of the shoulder blade) moves forward toward the armpit and the scapula revolves slightly around the  ribs to help move the arm forward. The gliding action brings an easeful depression of the shoulder blade.

Downward RotationDownward rotation of the shoulder blade follows the movement of the arm as it reaches backwards. The superior border of the scapula moves up over the shoulder as the arm extends backwards. You may notice some clients whose scapulae are stuck in downward rotation. Posture, tension around the shoulder girdles and weakness are all possible reasons for this.


Dakota and Pilates/ The Perfect Mix

DakotaThe Pilates Studio wouldn’t be the same without first getting a big hello from Dakota. He’s the perfect greeting community for all my clients who love him. He knows where is place is, and does not disrupt and part of your session.

Did you know that owning a dog can be good for your health?  Studies show that dog owners can reap many health benefits from their loving companions. At the Body in Balance studio all my clients reap the benefits of feeling the love of a dog.

Our fuzzy buddies offer us constant companionship, loyalty and unconditional love. Many studies have shown that dog owners tend to have lower anxiety levels, lower blood pressure and better heart rates. Some studies have even shown that dog owners can have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than non-dog owners with similar dietary and lifestyle habits. Go save a life today, so many animals that need a loving home.

Body in Balance™ Pilates TV

Welcome to my new website. I’m very excited about sharing some educational information and videos with you. The first video will teach you the proper way to execute the roll down and give you some modified versions for home exercise. Also check out Joseph’s video from 1936…It’s quite entertaining

IMG_0537_2I’ll be putting on different video’s from time to time so you can work out at home, especially while I’m away from the Body in Balance Studio. Now you have no excuses.