Pilates Clients Speak

Lou’s clients love coming to the Body in Balance Studio™. No matter how they arrive they always feel great when they leave. The Pilates Studio has a calm, healing  yet energetic atmosphere. NOTHING HOLDS MORE TRUTH THEN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE and Lou’s 4 decades of teaching has given her the ability to look past your injuries and get right to the source of the strength needed to heal your body. Her studio is always meticulously clean and she has classical music playing in the back round. Dakota will give you a very welcome hello at the door and her fish tank only adds to the already hoslistic atmosphere.

You will be inspired by her enthusiasm and skill, and confident that you will achieve your goals at your own pace. Your one hour private Pilates session is a pleasurable, yet challenging experience, and you are sure to get amazing results. One of the best gifts you can give yourself –a much-needed break from your hectic life.

Starting to work with Lou is smartest thingI have ever done. My body has grown stronger, my posture improved, and the flexibility I had as teenager returned. Pilates taught by Lou has completely alleviated all of the stiffness and pain from working at a computer all day.” ~ K. Clugston

“I found this studio about a year and a half ago after visiting a couple of others in the area.  I was injured and wanted a teacher who was knowledgable, committed and paid attention. I was looking for someone who would be more focused on the quality of the movement. I’ve had a great experience with Lou. I have a better understanding of my body and I feel and look so much stronger.  She is an inspiration in that she lives Pilates!”

FYI, the studio is in an apartment and it’s always meticulously clean.  Lou is the only teacher in the studio.  Her dog, Dakota is in attendance – this is a major plus for me as I happen to love dogs and he’s adorable and very well behaved 🙂  Sulu S

Pilates with Lou has given my body more strength and energy than any other exercise program I have tried. Lou is a great teacher, but also an educator, a friend, and a person who recognizes that people learn and develop at different levels and with different time frames.” ~ Linda Kolts

“Every session with Lou is a total body workout. Muscles ignored in other workouts are now alive and more developed. Lou is highly knowledgeable about the body and how it should move. From the novice to the advanced student, Lou will challenge your body and mind.” ~ Buki Shabi

“Lou is patient, encouraging and positive. My body feels better than ever and I feel younger and more energized. I IMG_0886_2_2_2tried other Pilates teachers, but no one compares to Lou.” ~ Natalie Wolfe

‘After two classes with Lou I couldn’t believe how good I felt. Lou and the Pilates Method have helped me extend my range of motion and strengthen my body.” ~ Richard Carey

“There’s a Pilates master on Warren Street between Court and Clinton Streets.  Her name is Lou Cornacchia, and her studio is Body in Balance.  Lou did her training with the best, truly understands Pilates, and is committed to helping each and every client become as fit and strong as he or she can be.  I had tried Pilates a number of years ago and felt it wasn’t for me. But a year ago, having sustained an injury while working out in a gym, I knew it was time to try Pilates again.  I searched the web and found Body in Balance.  I made an appointment, and after just one lesson with Lou, I knew I had found the real deal.  I’m a senior.  I have taken dance and exercise classes my whole life, and I can say that I am stronger and more fit now than ever before. “

Thank you, Lou.
Ellen C.

“Pilates has not only changed my body and how each part works as a well aligned team, it has increased my physical strength and mentally empowered me to realize that I can change many things in my life, I just have to do it. Lou and Pilates…a great team!” ~ Sandra Taylor

“Following recovery from a neck injury, I started training with Lou. What a revelation! I knew Lou and Pilates was the answer to my problems. Lou is a disciplined, focused, fun trainer. I’ve had no further spinal problems 0866-2and I’m stronger and more confident about my body.”~ Cathy Game

“I can honestly say that Pilates, because of its immediate effectiveness and the total body benefits, has hooked me for life. Lou’s inimitable style provides the best foundation for head to toe conditioning and guaranteed my success.” ~ Debbie Townes, (Owner of The Home Spa )

“Lou has been training me for nearly 18 years.  My episodes of back pain disappeared as a result of working with Lou.  She listens to me and responds to my concerns.  She explains every exercise and its benefits and she watches her clients scrupulously to make sure the exercises are done correctly.  I credit the work I did with Lou for keeping me strong, moving and comfortable through two pregnancies and helping me to get back into shape in the months after delivery.  She is a wonderful person and the best teacher. I always leave her studio feeling better and  stronger both physically and mentally.” Andrea Z.

“After having my twins my body was no longer recognizable to me or my husband…Luckily I found Lou.  With a combination of her experience, technique and a great example herself, she was able to teach me to move my body in ways I was not aware of before. My body feels and looks better than ever. I can’t believe the difference.” Taylor Price

“I’ve been taking Pilates with Lou for about 20 years and always joke that if I only had a few dollars left in the world, I’d spend it on a class with her! Working with her got rid of my hip and lower back pain, gave me a new rebalanced body (complete with a waistline for the first time ever), and keeps me strong and fit. I’m complemented all the time on how I look and just say “Body by Lou!” It’s a pleasure to work with a true teacher and professional, someone who understands bodies of all types–young, older, pregnant, injured, healthy. After all these years I am still learning a lot about how to move and stay fit, and I look forward to class each week. Erica Marks‎


If you are fortunate enough to live in the Downtown Brooklyn areas, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, and Park Slope… Lou is the Pilates teacher for you.